Are you still using an old fashioned window unit air conditioner that you probably purchased while building or buying your old house, or maybe you are using a fully integrated air conditioning system that is not practical for one of your new rooms? If this sounds familiar to you, moreover, if you do not even have an air conditioner yet and are considering buying a new one, this blog is just right for you. High quality and innovative ductless air conditioning systems will assist you in solving all the cooling problems and issues connected with your house. Ductless air conditioner systems are highly effective and flexible, and thanks to their profuse advantages, they have become one of the most practical and efficient types of air conditioners. In this guide, you will get a general overview of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems and will learn about their benefits.

What is a ductless air conditioning system?

Ductless air conditioning systems are also known as mini-split air conditioners. In addition to these two most widely practiced names, some professionals and manufacturers also call them mini-split heat pumps, split systems or even multi-split systems. Generally speaking, ductless air conditioning systems have two main components. The first outdoor component is located outside the house, which is a special compressor that is also designed for heating. The second part is an indoor component called an air handler that is designed for air diffusion throughout the house. These parts are joined through a conduit, which runs through your apartment’s external walls and contains power and refrigerant lines, obviating necessity ducts.

What are the benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning systems?

  • Practical for older housed without ductwork

One of the most apparent advantages of ductless AC systems is that they are suitable for home that does not have ductwork. Before the 1970s, the central integrated air-conditioning systems were yet unknown, and people’s houses were not built with appropriate ductwork. This is why mini split air conditioners are so much practical for such homes. What is more interesting is that professionals at Fresno Duct Cleaning Company Clovis and many other companies have noticed that generally, it’s more expensive to install or replace a fully-integrated central air conditioning system rather than a ductless AC. So in sum, the usable and cost-efficient features of mini split air conditioners make them a number one choice for many customers.

  • Minis split AC systems are incredibly adaptable.

Ductless air conditioners were invented in Asia, more specifically in Japan, and when they arrived in the USA just a few decades ago, people were hesitant about their adaptability. The majority of houses in Japan were extremely small, and people used to think that such air conditioning systems would not be able to heat large homes. Nevertheless, today’s units are available in a wide variety of power levels, allowing them to increase the comfort of virtually any typical American residential area, from a single room to a large ranch house. Another huge benefit is that a ductless AC system allows controlling different rooms or zones under different temperatures thanks to unique air handlers.

  • Highly Effective

As we already mentioned above, thanks to special air handlers, ductless air conditioning systems are able to heat different zones at different temperatures. In contrast to the traditional ducted air conditioning system, you do have to heat under high temperatures in those rooms where you do not spend a significant amount of time. Thanks to these special features, people generally save as much as 25% energy and have far fewer energy bills than others.

  • Ductless AC systems are generally allergy-friendly

So we already discussed that ducted AC systems blow the air throughout the house without zoning it. So in case, there is any debris or dirt in air filters, it is going to distribute throughout the entire house. It does not necessarily mean that ductless AC systems do not have debris in the filters, and it does not also mean that they can be used without cleaning. The thing is that with the ductless system, you can control the blowing zones as well as allergens.

  • They are not noisy

Let’s also appreciate the fact that, unlike ducted air conditioning systems, mini-split AC systems are quiet, and they will not disturb you with unpleasant noise after a long tiresome day. The main reason is that compressor is placed outside the house, and this noise will not be heard inside your walls.

Things to consider before buying ductless AC

  • Size

Your ductless air conditioner’s size and BTU level determine how many square feet it can cool. It is essential to select the appropriate size of air conditioner for your home. Depending on a wide range of aspects like your home’s flooring and soundproofing, ceiling height, windows and doors, and your preferred temperature for comfort, selecting the correct size may be challenging. This is why you will usually need a help of a professional to take precise measurements.

  • Cost

While ductless air conditioning systems seem too good to be true, it has one big downside: its initial installation expenditures are way higher than for ducted systems. However, if you take proper care of it by constantly having it cleaned with the help of professionals like at Fresno Duct Cleaning Company Clovis, you will always enjoy your comfort and considerably low energy bills.

  • Interior Design

Last but not least, before buying a ductless or mini-split air conditioning system, please keep in your mind that air handlers placed inside are generally not so aesthetic and may not fit your home’s interior design. So please, in advance, either come up with an artistic and creative solution to this issue or plan to place it somewhere invisible.