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Air pollution is a modern-day problem for mankind. It is much more difficult to control the air purity in closed areas because there is a lot of activity and various equipment. In this case, a filtration system is a savior for maintaining the purity of the air in the area and regulating air temperature. The quality of the air directly affects the well-being of the people, therefore providing the area with clean, quality air provide a healthy environment for the visitors and employees of the area. At the same time, good ventilation provides residents with clean air, regulates humidity, and prevents the development of mold.

The healthy and quality atmosphere of the area is essential.

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There are many sources of exposure to pollutants internal and external. Internal sources include stationary and mobile combustion sources; building materials and equipment; cleaning products; biological agents; and human activity. External sources include combustion sources, biological material; soil gases etc.

Sometimes creating an interior with modern and beautiful decors is not enough to have a comfortable environment. It is also necessary to pay attention to the ventilation system of the area, so that the given area, which can be a salon, restaurant or other institution, has healthy atmospheric conditions, proper air filtration, and clean and fresh oxygen. By providing your area with a well-designed filtration system, you will always become a desirable place for your visitors.

Ventilation may also have harmful effects on indoor air quality and climate if not properly designed, installed, maintained, and operated. Our company provides all services regarding installation, maintenance, cleaning , replacement and repair of failed parts.

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Ventilation systems have a rather complex structure and not all systems are easily accessible, so such expensive systems require proper use and care. Such systems require regular cleaning and maintenance. We assure you that our trained specialists will do their best to thoroughly disinfect and clean your ventilation system. Advanced technologies and used high-quality materials allow providing quality services at a fair price. 

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